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The Belly Cast Gallery

Kirsten's most recent body of work, belly casts of women in their late stages of pregnancy, transcends being a priceless keepsake and continues in the tradition of celebrating the female form harkening back to the Venus of Willendorf 24,000-22,000 BCE.

Kirsten looks forward to her exhibition in the near future showcasing these works-- Stay Tuned!

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Belly Casts by Kirsten.  c2012 Kirsten's Belly Cast c2011 Kirsten Belly Cast detail 2 Belly Casts side by side.
Miss Mary Cast. Kirsten casting Miss Mary. Belly Cast surfing Buddha detail. Miss Mary modeling her belly cast.  c2010
Kirsten painting Pearl's belly cast. Pearl's belly cast painted by Kirsten.  c2012 Pearl's belly cast butterfly detail. Pearl's belly cast additional detail.