KirPaint Kirsten scenic art Blacklight Gallery

The Blacklight Gallery

Blacklight Painting is a special effect type of painting used in “dark rides” to create a glow in the dark effect.   The painting is done in blacklight, using UV light fixtures.    Kirsten has literally spent years in blacklight painting many dark rides for theme parks.  Incredible effects can be created by intermixing blacklight and whitelight paints for an extensive color palette.

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Tokyo Disney Sea Journey to the Center of the Earth Mushroom Forest Blacklight Pooh Honey Pots Blacklight Pooh Heffalumps
Blacklight Pooh Mud Walls Blacklight wood-flat Hong Kong DL Pooh Floody Place foliage Blacklight Hong Kong Pooh Heffabee
Tokyo Disney Sea Blacklight Mermaid Tail