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A company specializing in Art Direction and Scenic Paint for Themed Environments.

Owner Kirsten Ruhs is an artist with extensive experience in the Theme Paint Industry.  Her career encompasses  two plus decades of in-house experience at Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI), the division of the Walt Disney Company that designs and builds the  Disney Theme Parks and various entertainment venues, and Universal Parks & Resorts.   Kirsten  has executed work at all six  Disney Theme Park locations throughout the world.   Product quality, process, research and development are top concerns on every project.   She accomplishes creative intent while respecting maintenance concerns for the best long term quality product.

Kirsten brings to the table a synergy of fine craftsmanship and artistry, Art Direction, Production Design, Project Management and Vendor Management.  She is an expert artisan who maintains view of big picture, while continuing to be hands-on in any aspect of the work.  She is well respected by crew and co-workers and inspires them to do their best work.

Her project involvement bridges concept, model and colorboard phase, production, installation and follow up on maintenance issues and concerns.

Kirsten is an expert in mock ups, samples, models, colorboards and comps, show set, props, murals, figures, rockwork, hardscape, trompe l’oeil, blacklight, high performance automotive finishes, catalyzed and industrial paint finishes,  faux and specialty finishes.

Kirsten maintains extensive contacts in the Paint Industry. This includes vendors, individual artists and companies, in-house Universal and Disney/ WDI and Maintenance at various parks and paint manufacturers throughout world.


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