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Blacklight Work Gallery Industrial Automotive Finishes Faux and Specialty Finishes Show Set and Prop
Blacklight Work High Performance, Catalyzed, Industrial Automotive Finishes Faux and other Specialty Finishes Show Set and Prop Painting
Figure Finishing Belly Casts Models, Colorboards and Comps The Crew
Figure Finishing Belly Casts - A celebration of the female form in late stage pregnancy Models and Colorboards The Crew
Murals and Trompe-l'œil Personal Work Rockwork The Shop
Murals and Trompe l'oeil Personal Work Rockwork Painting The Shop

Disney work pictured is copyrighted by Disney and is not the property of KirPaint, Inc.
Kirsten is honored to have been a part of a broad spectrum of Disney projects.
KirPaint, Inc. hopes to convey the involvement it had in such works through use of captions.
It must be noted that Disney projects involve many people and the magic created is produced through the teamwork of many people and disciplines.

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